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V-Face Lifting Machine

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Perfect V- Shape Face in 20 minutes!

Ergonomic design, slender arc is very suitable for facial skin. Skin-friendly silicone conductive sheet, low resistance, fits tightly on the facial skin, thereby driving facial muscle movement and intelligently shaping the face. Use 10 to 20 minutes every morning and evening. Each use can exercise facial muscles and tighten facial lines.
Sound vibration massage, 600 pulses per minute penetrate into the sebum of the skin, change the texture of the skin and make the skin full of elasticity. Simulate real muscle movements, sound vibrations, penetrate deep into the fat layer, make facial muscles move by themselves, change normals, change skin relaxation, reduce excess fat, make muscles firmer and shape charming faces.

V- Face lifting  Machine fits facial line perfectly, due to gravity, our skin loses firmness and elasticity. This Machine helps increase firmness and elasticity, it an effective V face thin shape belt for facial lifting.

Superior Efficacy!  EMS pulse stimulation promotes muscle co-frequency vibration and reduces the effect of fat-tight V-face, Preventing the aging, skin tightening, it can achieve effect of face slimming. The easiest way to vanish morning puffiness at home,put our Lifting Machine on your face,tighten your face and enhance facial contours.

Skin Care & Massage Therapy! It makes thin face, firming facial skin, smooth nasolabial folds and laugh lines,promotes facial blood circulation, promotes skin metabolism, shrinks pores, restores elasticity reshaping facial curve, stimulating cell regeneration and repair.

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    • Product color: black, white
    • Material: ABS, Silicone
    • Power: USB charging
    • Product power: 1 W
    • Product voltage: 5 V
    • Product size: 14 * 17.4 * 6 cm/5.51 * 6.85 * 2.36inch(Approx.)
    • Package includes: 1 * EMS Face Lifting Machine Muscle Facial Stimulator + 1 * USB Cable