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Filtered Shower Head


What else can be perfect than a shower head with slow water flow for spa-like feeling and an eco-friendly water consumption? As if that isn’t enough, this shower head also improves your hair growth and works miracles on your skin and pores. 
The three layers of mineralized spheres are the major feature of this detachable shower head. They are able to purify water and enhance the absorption of mineral nutrient. There are many medical advantages of using this system like smoother skinimproved cell viability as well as lessened oil secretion

When the shower is marketed with water saving attributes, people normally get doubtful as this frequently signifies that it does not offer sufficient water pressure. Aqualux Filtered Shower Head is far different from other products. It comes with laser cut micro-cone formed holes system that offers enough pressure of water and it just utilizes 1.45 GPM.

Material: ABS Plastic
Type: Fixed Support Type
Shape: Round